Holt Consulting

About Thomas Holt

I am a construction Architect / Project manager and business owner. I have more than 25 years of experience in the construction industry, first as a carpenter and later as a construction architect working as a project manager on different construction projects.

I Established Holt Consulting in 2013 with focus on aquaculture fish farming and RAS facilities and today I have built 7 fish farms + 300 ton, from design to final commissioning.

A project contains several steps, from idea, design, funding, quoting, legislation, subsidiaries (EU fundings), contracts, building, commissioning, actual operation to finally evaluation. I have been part of all the steps, both as an advisor and a managing part.

As Aquaculture Consultant I offer my assistance to finetune the fish farm on hydraulics and energy consumption and troubleshooting by measure water quality, Co2, O2 and other parameters.

My passion for aquaculture has inspired me to develop products designed for aquaculture

Air Handling Unit in PE HD Plastic

In 2014 I founded the company X Vent, which is specialized in delivering HVAC/ventilation solutions for indoor fish farms, and extreme environments. We deliver solutions in PE HD, PP, PPS and focus on long lasting materials. We do complete installations from Air Handling Units to ductwork, connected by fiber/electrical and programmed for any SCADA System.

Rotation Trickling Wheel Degasser

Our degasser solution for indoor and outdoor facilities, designed to perform with our HVAC system or any RAS solution. We have developed a vertical degassing wheel, which rotates by water force only. The lifting height of the water is only 700 mm and the design is compact. With this solution we save energy and up to 70% space compared to shallow degassers or conventional trickling filters. The degassing wheel is developed from 2015-2018 and has been a great success on several fish farms since 2018.

High Air Volume Hear Exchanger

The latest development in X Vent is a high air volume heat exchanger for hot/cold air more than +250° C and down to -35° C in the same unit. This is by far the most extreme conditions, temperature wise, we have yet encountered, and it takes craftsmanship and innovating engineering to the extreme.

Everything Is about fish and extreme environments, on the technical/practical side, to chase the best solutions together with farmers, to achieve the best results.